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Our Vision and why we are here

The Well is here to bring the heart back into Kibworth, and to strengthen the community, by providing a welcoming place for meeting and refreshment, accessible to all, where God’s love is shown and shared. If you have not visited us before please do come for a visit; you will be very welcome.

If you would like to know more about what we do, and perhaps help us in our work, please speak to one of our volunteers who will be delighted to talk with you about what you can offer, in making a difference to our community.

We are built on Christian foundations, where people of any or no faith are equally welcome.

How we came about

The touch paper was lit back in January 2006 when one of our founders stood up at a local praise service and shared what she thought God was asking us, as churches, to do for the community – to pray! Not just there and then at that Service but for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the whole of Lent – 40 days and 40 nights. What a crazy thought!

But the seeds were planted and slowly (when it started only 15 of the 960 hours were covered) the thought caught on. The presence of God was tangible, in that small room in our village grammar school hall, it became a holy place & people’s lives were changed as they encountered God either in a new way or for the very first time. For us it was humbling that all we needed to be was obedient and leave God to do the rest.

Towards the end of the 40 days it was apparent that it couldn’t just end there. As 13 of us came together to pray and discern we realised 5 out of those 13 had been given the same vision - a permanent place in Kibworth; a place of prayer and a coffee shop, a safe place, for young and old alike. There was a real sense of excitement yet also a knowledge that nothing would happen without listening to God and waiting on His timing. Properties became available but which was the right one? Confirmation came through a revelation that there would be a well in the garden – hence the name ‘The Well’.

The next phase of our development.........

It was appropriate that 2016, the 10th year since the first inspiration for The Well, involved a huge amount of work to improve the facilities we can offer.

While the premises had served us well, the conservatory which provided our cafe area had reached the end of its life.  This gave us the opportunity to think about what we wanted to achieve and we were successful in gaining Planning Permission and funding for a new extension to the main building which provides:-

  • a weatherproof structure
  • more space for an enlarged cafe
  • better kitchen facilities
  • a more welcoming environment
  • a more open layout

See how this fantastic project came to fruition here.